The Connection Between Your Feet And Your Spine: Treatments For Re-Alignment

27 July 2017
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Problems with your back may actually start with your feet. When your feet and legs are not quite perfect, your back feels it. You can visit a chiropractor to help with the spinal care, but in all honesty, you should see an orthopedist first. The orthopedist can effectively diagnose the source of your back problems by looking at your feet, legs, hips, and spinal alignment. Here is more on the connection between your feet and your spine, and orthopedic treatments for re-alignment. Read More 

Recovering From Knee Replacement Surgery

6 June 2017
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While knee replacement surgery is fairly common, it is a procedure that often worries patients due to the recovery time involved. After all, a person can't walk properly if their knees aren't in working order. Learn what you can expect after your knee replacement surgery so you can go into the procedure with peace of mind. Length of Your Recovery The amount of time it will take for you to recover completely from your knee replacement surgery depends on the type of surgery you're having. Read More 

Medical Attention To Seek After A Car Accident

28 April 2017
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Once you have been involved in a car accident, there are many types of medical care that you may need in order to fully investigate your injuries. Urgent Care or ER Specialists It's a good idea for everyone to visit either the emergency room or an urgent care facility after the accident to take stock of any big medical problems. They will check for signs of internal damage and potentially take x-rays to rule out fractures. Read More 

Sprained Your Ankle? The 101 On Treating Your Ankle Sprain With RICE

12 August 2015
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From playing your favorite sport or running for exercise to slipping on a wet floor, it is easy to see how ankle injuries are common. Considering an estimated 25,000 people sprain their ankle each day, learning how to treat this common injury is smart. While common, recovering from a sprained ankle can be painful and overwhelming and it may require custom orthotics. Fortunately, your doctor will recommend R.I.C.E to treat your ankle. Read More 

Get Back In The Game: What To Do After An Athletic Foot Injury

9 July 2015
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Immediately after your foot injury, you need to take some steps to prevent the injury from swelling and getting inflamed. Here are the steps to a quick recovery from a foot injury.  Follow "RICE" The acronym "RICE" is useful for remembering the steps to take in order to pamper your sports injury. The first part of the equation is to rest. It's important to place as little weight as possible on your foot until you're sure it's not broken or strained. Read More